Cute Fruit Cards

Here are some cute fruits for use in elementary classes.


For flash cards I enlarge each image.

Here is my favourite use for these cards;


  • Print out around 100 cards (one set colour the rest black and white)
  • Hand out one card to every student including the teachers (they play the role of the student)
  • ss make pairs and play rock, paper scissors

  • The RPS winner has to guess what is on the losers card
  • If the RPS winner guesses correctly he/she takes the losers card
  • If the winner guesses incorrectly the RPS looser tries to guess the fruit on the RPS winners card (only one guess)
  • The ss keep switching roles until one student guesses correctly and takes the card.
  • The student without a card has to collect a new card from the teacher (YOU)
  • The students with a lot of cards only play one of their cards each time.
  • When the allocated time is up students count how many cards they have.
  • The student who has the most cards has to stand and read out the fruits he/she has.
  • reward that student in your own way (I use stickers)
  • For an extra surprise bonus, any students who have coloured cards are also rewarded a sticker.

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    1. i just simply love these pictures they are so cute i want to draw all of them while i already drew the cute cherry guys should upload more photos because i bet a lot of people are enjoying these photos 🙂

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