Games & Activites

Coming VERY soon…

  • Utilising vocabulary cards for multiple use
  • Team work games
  • Fun conversation, fast pace worksheets
  • using images in the classroom
  • Dictation games
  • Warm ups
  • limited resource games
  • English Club Ideas

Up Next:

  1. A group game adapted from the traditional dominoes game
  2. Sentence building SNAP
  3. Team spelling relay.  (Black Board Game)
  4. Whole Class pair work interview game
  5. Paper Collecting Interview activity

All games and activities I choose to post will be extremely versatile.   Most ALTs in Japan usually have to teach from around 3 – 10 different schools, so having games and activities up your sleeve that you can adapt to any level will save you precious planning time and take a load off your stress levels and your poor wee ‘mamachari’ basket.  No more falling into rice paddies on your way to your 2nd school of the day due to an over loaded bicycle.

This blog is very new, but  I have a lot of fun games and ideas I’d like to share with you, so please sign up to receive future posts.

If you have any questions or are looking for something in particular that you need help with, please leave a comment or feel free to email me directly at;




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  1. Thanks for the STOP THE BUS game, it’s a bit like a game German kids play called “Stadt, Land, Fluss”, where you have to find a country, a town, a river, an animal, etc. beginning with the letter in question. Yours is a wonderful adaption for the EFL classroom and I’ll use it straight away on Monday!

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