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REWARDS For Young Learners

Rewards are always a great way to promote positive reinforcement in the classroom.

Here in Japan the students are really motivated to collect stickers, which is why I have added this post sharing with you the sticker sheets I hand out to the students from grades 1 to 7

Please feel free to use them in your classes, or simply use them as an idea to customize your own, using characters you know your students love.

This year I have used a continued theme of  ‘Mario Kart’ in the classroom.

I have also printed and laminated all of the ‘Mario Kart’ characters in colour for use in team games for the students/teachers to easily mark points on the board.

They can also be used as players in chalk/white board soccer/baseball.

Another use is for playing ‘Shark attack’.  A game similar to ‘Hang Man’, but using a set of 3 stairs and a shark in the water at the bottom of the stairs and 1 Mario character at the top of the stairs (I will explain this game in more detail later, if you are unsure of the rules)

Anyway, below are links to my reward sheets.  I hope you find them useful.

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